Cache Clear in Laravel 10 with commands and route

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In this article, we’ll dive into the world of cache management with a focus on “Cache Clear in Laravel 10.” You’ll find comprehensive examples and a clear understanding of how to configure cache clearing in Laravel 10. If you’re seeking a practical example of clearing the cache in Laravel 10, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the concept of Laravel 10 cache clearing and the necessary steps to execute the Laravel 10 cache clear command effectively.

In software development, it’s common to encounter situations where you need to refresh the cache due to changes in configuration files or updates to view files. To address this, Laravel 10 provides a convenient cache clearing command. To clear the cache in Laravel 10, simply execute the following command:

1) Application Cache Clear in Laravel 10

With this command, you can effectively clear the cache of all your applications.

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Clear Cache:
php artisan cache:clear

2) Route Cache Clear in Laravel 10

This command is designed to help you clear the routes cache, improving your website’s performance and ensuring optimal routing.

Clear Route Cache:
php artisan route:clear

3) View Cache Clear in Laravel 10

You can easily clear the cache for views and blade files by using this command.

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Clear View Cache:
php artisan view:clear

4) Config Cache Clear in Laravel 10

You can employ this command to effectively clear the configuration cache.

Clear Config Cache:
php artisan config:clear

5) Event Cache Clear in Laravel 10

This command is designed to help clear the events cache for optimal performance.

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Clear Event Cache:
php artisan event:clear

6) All Cache Clear in Laravel 10

This command is designed to help you clear configuration, view, cache, and various other caches, optimizing your system’s performance.

php artisan optimize:clear

7) Cache Clear by Route in Laravel 10

To easily clear the cache without the need for a command, simply follow these steps to set up a route:

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Route::get('/clear-cache-all', function() {
    dd("Cache Clear All");

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